5 Leading Postage Meters for Small Businesses & Professionals

Neopost IM-280 Postage Meter

Neopost IM-280 Postage Meter

Needless to say, every small business is looking for an affordable and efficient mailing solution. As a result, it is crucial to go for a postage meter from a highly reliable and reputable company that offers top-notch mailing machines. Moreover, it is every small business`s endeavor to accommodate the current Internet-enabled generation of communication and digitally-driven efficiency.

Though there are a variety of mailing machines and postage meters on the current market, it is crucial to go for a postage meter that offers quality output, flawless functionality, and easy operation to make it worth the investment over time. This review is aimed at giving you an insight on the five leading small business postage meters for sale.

Neopost IM-280 Postage Meter

The Neopost IM-280 postage meter is is a simple and yet powerful choice for home office and small business mailing. In matters utilization of high-end mailing technology, nothing provides maximum throughput like Neopost IM-280 postage meter. It offers a whole line of essential features and inventive Apps to streamline your mailing techniques by combining cost savings and efficiency.

Postage Meter Features:

  • It`s processing speed is approximately 18 letters per minute.
  • It has 9 imprint job memories.
  • It can handle letters, postages, and other small packages
  • It can make use of high-speed internet such as LAN.

Neopost IM-330 Postage Meter

Neopost IM-330 Postage MeterThe Neopost IM-330 postage meter is an innovative postage machine that can integrate effectively into your small business office environment. Furthermore, it has an easy-to-operate interface that is appropriate for use in any office. Hence, with the current drastic advancements in mailing technology, be sure that Neopost IM-330 postage meter will meet every mailing need for many years to come.

Postage Meter Features:

  • It has a powerful business App (iMeter) from Neopost that facilitates the control of all mailing operations.
  • It`s processing speed of approximately 35 letters per minute.
  • It has an exceptional departmental accounting of about 10 regular accounts.

Neopost IN-600 HF Postage MeterNeopost IN-600 HF Postage Meter

The Neopost IN-600 HF postage meter is an effective and reliable postage meter that comes with the adaptability that fits comfortably into any office environment. Any versatile business or office needs a postage meter that can offer numerous mailing solutions quickly and efficiently. Hence, this is the tool designed to handle these requirements perfectly.

Postage Meter Features:

  • It`s processing speed is approximately 75 letters per minute.
  • It has multi-level user access system so as to allow for optimal security for all users.
  • It is equipped with 6 print mode options plus an option for texts only.

Mailstation2 Postage MeterMailstation2 Postage Meter

The Mailstation2 mailing machine from Pitney Bowes is the most reliable mailing solution for small businesses. It has a versatile mailing system that handles all your postage needs. Moreover, it is a digital mailing system designed to fit your small business office comfortably.

Postage Meter Features:

  • It is conceived in scale; hence, you won’t experience wasteful over-stamping.
  • It enables you to access postage meter discounts
  • It prints exact postage letters, postcards, and parcels
  • It provides free envelope texts.

Neopost IM-5000 Postage Meter

The Neopost IM-5000 postage meter is among the top mailing machines in the current market. It is an innovative postage meter that provides mailing solutions with efficiency, high technology, and productivity. It is designed to provide reliable output and optimal uptime.Neopost IM-5000 Postage Meter

Postage Meter Features:

  • It`s processing speed is approximately 300 letters per minute.
  • It can process approximately 160 letters per minute in a dynamic code.
  • It has 15 job imprint memories
  • It has an exceptional customization imprint.

These postage meters and complete mailstation mailing machines can be found for sale at WalzEQ.com.

Facet Tech Now Offers Custom Computers in Peoria, IL

In a move that is poised to be the next big thing the market for computers in Peoria, long-standing IT company Facet Tech now offers custom computers for many different users. The IT company is expanding into custom computer sales to meet the growing technology needs of the Peoria, Illinois business and professional community. Individuals looking to upgrade their computers can be sure that they’re purchasing computers designed to handle their specific needs with speed and precision. facet computers peoria il

Facet Tech will offer custom desktop, laptop and business laptop computers with specs and hardware that are unique to their client’s needs. Drawing on their longstanding computer services and expertise, Facet Tech will build each computer with high-quality, brand name components and is offering free data transfer from customers’ old computers to their new ones.

Facet’s Custom Computers at Glance

Facet Tech sources computers and parts from popular tech manufacturers and brands, including Western Digital, Kingston, and Intel. Laptops come in Basic ($699.99), Business ($799.99), and Business Pro ($999.99) models. New Laptops come pre-installed with the customer’s choice of Windows 7, 8 or 10, the last of which is less than a year old. The custom laptops are based off of three Lenovo models: the E550 i3, E550 i5 and T540p.

custom laptop computers

Their custom desktops start at $699 for an Intel Core i3 system, $799 for an Intel Core i5, and end at $899 for an Intel Core i7. For $150 more, desktop customers can add a 19” LCD monitor, Microsoft keyboard and mouse, and Logitech speaker set.

Budget-Conscious Custom Computer Packages

Facet Tech’s new custom computer packages are priced with the budget-conscious business in mind. There has been due consideration given to people and business entities of various income levels to ensure none is locked out of this amazing offer.custom computers

Technology is rapidly changing and many businesses seek an edge by bringing in newly upgraded workplace technology. Facet Tech designs their computers in accordance with their high standard of quality, using the best and latest models and components to build high-performance computers. Their machines are built Facet Fast, Facet Secure, and Facet Smart.

Supplying Peoria’s Demand for Computers & Technology

Facet Tech has helped its clients meet a variety of IT needs since 1989 and continues to serve a large number of clients. Some of their services include IT support, staffing, website and software development, computer repair and network security. In addition to servicing computers, networks, and websites, Facet Tech repairs mobile devices and sells both drones and custom home audio systems.

Thanks to their understanding of the day-to-day operations and management of an average business, Facet Tech helps their clients integrate cutting-edge technology and creative solutions into their networks.

The company also owns and operates the Nerds on Call brand, which focuses on computer & device repair, data transfer, sales, and virus removal. They serve the Central Illinois area at four open locations: Bloomington, Peoria, Pekin and Peru. A fifth Farmington location is temporarily closed.

You can learn more about Facet Tech’s custom computers and their full range of services at FacetTech.com or by visiting the official site of Nerds on Call at CallrNerds.com.

Nerds on Call
4906 N. University
Peoria, IL 61614
Phone: (309) 689-3900

Retro2Ride.com: Where Classic Meets Casual Cycling Clothing

Retro2Ride.com is a well known company that produces remarkable, custom-designed performance apparel, rapid moisture wicking cycling jerseys, and casual cycling clothing for men and women. Unlike some companies that sell cycling clothing, Retro2Ride.com offers a warranty of six months for every item purchased particularly against imperfections as well as defects in these materials and workmanship. This warranty is valid from the actual date of purchase up the end of the six month period.retro 2 ride casual cycling clothing jerseys

Anyone interested in shopping an awesome selection of unique, vintage, and casual cycling clothing should check out the various products and design collections available at Retro2Ride.com. In addition, the company also offers a wide range of novelty and custom cycling clothing options for both men and women, including long and short sleeve performance wear and commuter wear.

To help you make an informed decision while purchasing such items we will share various vintage cycling jerseys and casual cycling clothing options that the company offers. In particular, we will focus mostly on more unique and classic cycling clothing, such as rare and hard-to-find cycling jerseys that you may not find anywhere else.

1935 World Championship Cycling Jersey

Top on our list is the 1935 World Championship Cycling Jersey. The 1935 World Championship Cycling Jersey was designed in light of the big event in Belgium as a part of global exposition. This superb, vintage cycling jersey was tailored using mesh fabric that offered maximum comfort, maximum 4-way stretch and better breathability.casual cycling clothing

Aside from that, this jersey also has both air pass pro and plus moisture wicking which is quick dry technology. Not to mention this classic casual cycling jersey is fitted with a band which keeps its rear part in position especially while riding. This jersey is made up of bright colors making it look bright even after washing.

1952 Classic Cataluna Cycling Jersey

Next in our list is the 1952 Classic Cataluna Cycling Jersey. Being among the most sought casual cycling jerseys, this vintage jersey is classic in design and has some of the most exciting and incredible features. For maximum comfort and air circulation, Retro2Ride.com uses ultra-soft fabric material, thus making it one of the most outstanding classic cycling jerseys that doesn’t sacrifice performance.casual cycling clothing cataluna 1953

The color of the 1952 Classic Cataluna Cycling Jersey color is bright and appears shiny even when washed. Not to mention, this jersey has silicone gripper bands which helps to keep the rear part in position while riding. Besides that, the 1952 Classic Cataluna Cycling Jersey has three rear pockets which can be used for storing various items while cycling.

Paris-Roubaix Cycling Jersey

Third on our list of classic vintage cycling clothing is the Paris-Roubaix Cycling Jersey. As its name suggests, this wonderful jersey is designed to offer maximum comfort while riding. Since it is tailored from premium fabrics, Roubaix has a great look too and a soft touch.casual cycling clothing paris roubaix

Not to mention, this jersey also has some scent resistance qualities. To enhance comfort further, Roubaix has a unique label attached which are used to transfer heat. Paris Roubaix also features 4-way stretch mesh that helps to improve breathability, three rear pockets and its well designed to fit normal body size.

1943 Classic Cataluna Cycling Jersey

Last but not the least in our review is the 1943 Classic Cataluna Cycling Jersey. This amazing retro casual jersey is made up of ultra soft fabric material that offers maximum comfort while riding.casual cycling clothing cataluna 1943

Just like in Roubaix, the 1943 Classic Cataluna jersey also has a magnificent look and a capability to resist odor. This Retro jersey is also designed to fit to all body sizes and has labels attached through which heat is transferred to increase your comfort while riding.

Best Online Dealers for Bush Hog Parts, Mower Blades, & More

bush hog parts dealersWhen ordering replacement parts for your Bush Hog mower, all purpose plow, or other piece of equipment that needs repairs, it’s critical to work with online the best and most trusted online dealers. Ordering products online sometimes causes hesitation in consumers due to not knowing if the parts are genuine, if they are getting the best price, and if a certain dealer has a greater selection of Bush Hog parts than its competitors.

When ordering Bush Hog replacement parts online, these are some of the top online dealers you can rely on – not only for the lowest prices, but also a more comprehensive selection, and great customer service both online and offline.

German Bliss

This online dealer carries an extensive listing of Bush Hog parts, including back hoe parts, lawn mower parts (finishing mowers, flail mowers, multi-blade mowers, and single blade mowers), combine parts, hole digger parts, box blade, chipper parts, and more. Regardless of the piece of the Bush Hog equipment, you can probably find the exact replacement parts on the online store website.

Additionally, German Bliss carries an extensive offering of PDF parts manuals on a number of components. As a leading, authorized online dealer of Bush Hog parts, German Bliss has more than 74 years of experience. Replacement parts can be delivered in as little as one day. Customers who can’t find parts online can find the information through offline customer service, to find parts for the model of their equipment as well.


Another choice among the top authorized Bush Hog parts dealers carries an extensive selection of Bush Hog Parts online. Simply enter the model number on the site, and the available parts will come up. If you can’t find it online, you can call customer service from 8 to 5 PM EST, so they can find the parts and order them for you. Orders are shipped within one day of order, and they guarantee a price that is 90% lower than competitors for the parts you order online. Combines, box blades, back hoes, and other equipment, regardless of the equipment, you can find the parts.

Georgia Equipment Company

The third and one of the most leading dealers of Bush Hog parts is the Georgia Equipment Company. Customers can search by: price (low to high), most popular items, title, and availability online. Customers can order parts for any Bush Hog equipment they own. If parts aren’t found online, you simply call the service team, who will find the part for you, and place the order to have it delivered. As a guaranteed, licensed merchant, you can also be rest assured you are going to receive genuine parts when ordering through this supplier online. Customers can pay with paypal.com, and orders are secure through GeoTrust, so you are dealing with a verified online merchant.

When ordering Bush Hog parts online, you want to know you are receiving genuine items, from the top supplier, and for the lowest price. Not only will you find the best deal when ordering through these three suppliers, you are also dealing with a licensed dealer, so you know you are going to receive the best deal for genuine parts. When ordering your Bush Hog Parts, for any equipment, for any tool, and any model equipment, these three sites have what you are looking for. And, if you can’t find it online, their support team will help you find the best deal when you call to place your order.

Fix Your Computer Online With Remote Support Assistance

Many people assume that computer repair shops are the only ones that can fix computer problems, such as virus removal and software upgrades. In all actuality though, one of the options that are available to you is what’s known as remote support assistance. Not only is it more cost effective for you to utilize this option for certain computer related problems, it’s also more convenient as well.

How Can A professional Fix Computer Problems Remotely?remote computer support

Remote assistance, provides a way for computer experts to gain access to your computer via an encrypted, secure connection from the internet, so that they can evaluate and fix your computer. The first thing you would do is to call the company and explain the type of problem that you are having. After this they will give you specific software that you will download and log in to, that will grant remote access privileges to one of that company’s technicians.

Once the technician sees that you have granted them temporary remote computer fix privileges, from that point they will be able to access your computer and gain the opportunity to evaluate and determine the exact root of the problem whether it may be a virus, malware or bugs.

Essentially it’s like the “share a screen” option from Skype, but, they can physically access your files so that they can remotely remove viruses and bugs. Once they have found the root cause of the problem and fixed it, you can log out of the software that the company provides, and they will no longer have access to your computer. Most computer virus removal service programs are cost-efficient and highly effective at cleaning-up your machine.

What Types Of Problems Can Professional Remote Assistance From A Computer Expert Alleviate?

Some of the problems that can be alleviated via remote computer fix assistance support include:

Slow Computer computer fixed

A computer may gradually begin to run slower and slower for several reasons. Some of the primary reasons include, missing files viruses, bugs, spyware and adware. Through remote access support, a technician can run a virus scan on your computer to determine whether or not a virus or any type of malware may be the problem. If the virus results come clear, they will evaluate the system files on your operating system to ensure that all the files are there and they will check to see if you have any buggy programs that may be causing your computer to run slow.

Problematic Program

If you have a program that continually closes or gives you an error notice whenever you try to run it, a remote computer fix assistant can help to determine if the problem lies with the program or the computer itself.

WiFi Connectivity problems

In some cases a virus may have deleted some of your operating system files, as such, it may cause unexpected problems such as a WiFi connectivity issue. Through remote access, a professional can evaluate the driver of your WiFi card, to determine the root cause of the problem.

Some of the other problems that can be solved via remote computer fix assistance, include:

  • Computer continuously restarts.
  • Computer runs fine, but the browser runs slow.
  • The computer is unable to connect to external devices such as printers, scanners and routers.
  • Graphics card errors.
  • Sound card errors.

Search around online and you should have no problem finding a trusted computer specialist or company willing to lend you a hand. Most remote computer services are fairly affordable compared to taking them to an actual computer repair shop.

Top 6 Most Trusted Home Automation Companies in the U.S.

In order to connect the different systems that run in your home, it’s ideal to look for the best home automation companies that could give you the access to the equipment and tools needed for it. Most home automation providers give the homeowners the ability to control the temperature, lighting, door locks, appliances, and so much more.

home automation

Aside from that, the companies also offer mobile apps that would help the user do these things even when they’re away from home. Here are the top six most trusted home automation companies in the U.S. that offer the greatest quality systems and support.


Vivint is considered to be the best home automation system because of their quality line of home automation equipment, as well as for their reputation of providing quality service to their customers.

As of now, Vivint offers a strong lineup of home automation resources, such as appliance control, thermostat control, scheduled automation, electric door locks, and the list goes on. All of these could be controlled with the use of a mobile app, giving you the ability to manage your system even when you’re away. The activation fee is $199.

Facet Techhome automation total control

Facet Technologies, Inc., although locally known throughout central Illinois, is an emerging national player for home automation systems and support. The tech-savvy company specializes in advanced home automation from URC, and lately, they’ve been pushing the Total Control home automation system.

This particularly home automation system from Facet Tech delivers complete control over home audio and entertainment, lighting, air conditioning, and security. Specialists of the company also help with installation, as well as ongoing support.


The Frontpoint home automation system has a strong set of capabilities that’s excellent for a home security system. Just like the other leading companies, with Frontpoint, you’ll have the ability to control all of your appliances with the use of a single device, as long as it’s connected to your system.

Likewise, another notable feature of Frontpoint home automation is that, it’s capable of scheduled automation– you could modify the time for when you want to turn on your appliances.

ADT Pulse

ADT is one of the most popular and most trusted home security system provider in the market. Aside from that, this home automation company also provides the most advanced features that you could imagine, such as a touchscreen panel that allows you to manage all the lights connected to the system with just a simple touch of the button.

However, the only drawback of the ADT Pulse home automation system is that it doesn’t have any sensors and detectors. Other than that, if you’re looking for a simple, yet modern home automation system, then this one is for you.


SafeMart offers a plethora of home automation equipment that’s comprised of light dimmers, electronic keypads, electrical receptacles, and thermostat. Aside from that, if you’re not satisfied and doesn’t want to be tied to just one particular product, SafeMart systems is capable of utilizing various equipment brands, such as General Electric, Honeywell, and Visonic.

Not just that, like your other home automation systems, you could also control its features with the help of your mobile device. Best of all, it’s affordable and it has most of the features that you’re probably looking for a home automation system.

Protection 1

If quality is one of your top priorities, then you’ll be thrilled to know that Protection 1 could guarantee just that. Through the main control panel of Protection 1, you’ll have the ability to remotely arm/disarm the system, lock or unlock the doors, and manage your appliances inside the room. Likewise, you could also perform various tasks with the help of their eSecure app.

Best Wooden Play Kitchens from Hazelnut Kids

Wooden play kitchens are of the most popular of the toys offered by Hazelnut Kids and they are ideal for toddlers, ages two and above. The wooden play kitchen sets for children foster creativity and imagination while providing children with a sense of freedom.

kids wooden playing kitchen

When paired with wooden kitchen accessories like pots, pans, and various foods, wooden play kitchens can keep kids entertained for hours at a time. Below we share some of the best-reviewed choices for wooden kitchen play sets at Hazelnut Kids.

Wooden Gourmet Kitchen

Made with water based paint and from natural wood, the Wooden Gourmet Kitchen, is a wonderful choice of a starter kitchen for a pint sized chef. This kitchen is ideal as far as encouraging imaginative play. Children are drawn to the large red knobs and oven door window as they await the completion of their exceptional pretend feast.

Once the feast has been devoured, children can cleanse their wooden dishes in the accompanying sink. Dish and food storage is ample within the cupboard, hutch and coordinating refrigerator.

Gluckskafer Wooden Play Oven  wooden kitchen set

This wooden kitchen is dual sided. One side hosts a cabinet and sink, while the opposite side holds an oven and stove. The sink has been designed with an insert that is made of stainless steel and can be removed and easily cleaned. The stove top is able to accommodate most toy cookware, as the oven allows for optimal imaginative baking space.

The timeless nature of design of the Gluckskafer Wooden kitchen makes it the perfect candidate to become a longstanding family heirloom. See this set among the options for best wooden play kitchens at Hazelnut Kids.

Jenny’s Wooden Play Kitchen

kids wooden playing kitchenJenny’s Wooden Play kitchen by Elves & Angels is a perfect fit for play areas that are not extremely spacious while still able to offer abundant creativity. The set has a top shelf that can be used to display finished dishes or for storage. This unit features the following: a built in sink, a convenient storage compartment, and a ringed stovetop.

The wooden play kitchen is formaldehyde free and crafted with smooth birch plywood that is finished with linseed oil. The set stands 25 inches wide, 30.5 inches tall, a depth of 11 inches deep and the top shelf is 5 inches deep.

If you’re looking for a different type of toy for your kids, then consider these options for wooden play kitchen sets. Although simple, these types of wooden toys for kids are powerful facilitators that many parents tend to overlook. To learn more about these fabulous wooden toys for kids, visit HazelnutKids.com.

Custom Tank Tops: Creative Design Concepts to Inspire Your Creation

Long gone are the days where your only tank top options were boring and only available in primary colors. Today, you can choose from a multitude of colors and designs in order to create a custom tank top that truly fits your personal style. Whether spending a day at the beach or painting the town red with friends, there is a tank top waiting to grace your wardrobe.

Below are a few creative samples of custom tank top designs that are unique, inspiring and available to become a staple in your fashion arsenal.

The Badass Custom Tank Top

custom tank top design 1

Image Source: byfbgymwear.spreadshirt.com

This artistic rendering of a skull is accompanied by an inspirational slogan creating a tank top for men that is trendy yet casual. This garment can be worn to the beach with shorts or paired with jeans as a way to display “the guns”. This can be replicated at home with the use of an iron on and stencils.

When it comes to men’s fashion, it is always best to veer towards the side of minimal, yet comfortable and trendy. Unlike women who often opt for fashion staples, men tend to ride the fashion trend waves. When looking to design a tank top for a man, consider what is currently popular and add your own personal signature flare to it. When designing custom tank tops online, it’s easy to keep it simple while keeping it hot.

The Earthy Custom Tank Top

A crochet tank top offers the most flexibility as it pertains to creativity and ability to customize. The entire garment is yours to design. From the colors to the patterns to the length and width. There are endless possibilities when choosing to crochet a tank top for yourself.

custom tank top crochet

Image Source: www.etsy.com

Additionally, the handmade garment can transfer day to evening with a simple alteration to your accessories. This option is perfect for the crafty do-it-yourselfer that also has a bit of a flare for fashion. Ideal for yogis and other earthy individuals, this custom tank top design is one of a kind.

The Glamorous Custom Tank Top

tank top

Image Source: doeandrae.com

This fun tank top has been embellished with sequence to give it a more sophisticated appearance. This is perfect for a night out on the town and should be paired with a flirty black short or short shorts. The arraignment of the sequence gives a design that loosely resembles a skyline.

Sequence is an excellent way to add elegance and mature flare to any garment. Any tank top that you currently have can be transformed into a show piece for the evening with the addition of sequence.

Whether covering the garment completely or simply adding to the wording or part of the tank top’s design, you are sure to have a custom top that will be reviled by many.

Honorable Mentions

To add some flare to your custom tank top design, why not take it neon? If bright colors are your thing, then check out the TheNeonSouth.com’s neon tank tops. These are premium quality tanks that can be customized with your own art on the front and/or back.

Well known for the sites easy to use design creator interface, also check out Whooptee.com. There you can customize tank tops, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and a lot more.

Do you have any ideas to share? Let us know in the comments section below!